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Radiation Protection Perfected

The GIA Cell Guard Case has been designed to neutralize the effects of your exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), as well as to strengthen the resilience of your body's biofield to stress, at the same time. GIA Cell Guard Cases are available for multiple Cell Phone models (see list further below). The groundbreaking technology powering each Cell Guard Case is also available in both "Classic" and "Sliver" (non-phone-case) varieties.*

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As seen in "The Truth About Cancer" Documentary!

The technology powering the GIA Cell Guard Case ("MRET-Nylon") was recently featured in a highly popular documentary called "The Truth About Cancer". Please watch the below video clip from this documentary and find out why the MRET (and ERT) activated GIA Cell Guard Cases have become global must-have solutions for people concerned about the effects of electromagnetic exposure from their Cell Phones/Smart Phones.

Insights from the Inventor!

Hear from the inventor - of the patented MRET technology powering all GIA Cell Guard Cases - himself. In the below video, Nuclear Physicist Dr. Igor Smirnov shares a brief description of how the patented GIA Cell Guard technology works!

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Product Overview

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by Cell Phones / Smart Phones has been linked to various stress-induced health issues. We subject ourselves to this overbearing external stressor every day. GIA Cell Guard Cases allow you to use your phone with the peace of mind you deserve. Utilizing the proprietary GIAplex technology (the one-of-a-kind combination of the patented, passive noise-field technology MRET, and the proprietary, bio-friendly Energy Resonance Technology ERT), GIA Cell Guard Case actively work to neutralize the effects of your exposure to harmful radiation, while supporting the body's resilience to stress at the same time.*

The GIA Cell Guard Cases have been designed to work on a variety of Cell Phone models (several iPhone and Samsung Models, etc. - please see list further below). Each GIA Cell Guard Case comes in four colors for you to choose from. They are:




Rose Gold

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The Results speak for themselves

How does the technology powering the patented GIA Cell Guard Case work?

Enjoy this short, fun, animated video to find out how!

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Cell Guard Case Models:

GIA Cell Guard Cases are available for the following Cell Phone/Smart Phone models:

GIA Cell Guard Case for Phone Mode Length of GIA Cell Guard Case (in inches) Width of GIA Cell Guard Case (in inches) Height of GIA Cell Guard Case (in inches)
Apple iPhone 7 5.66" 2.87" .45"
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 6.45" 3.30" .45"
Apple iPhone 6S 5.66" 2.87" .45"
Apple iPhone 6S Plus 6.45" 3.30" .45"
Samsung Galaxy S6 5.80" 3.05" .40"
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 5.80" 3.00" .45"
Samsung Galaxy S7 5.78" 3.01" .44"
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 6.10" 3.06" .45"
LG G5 6.05" 3.11" .47"


For all GIA Cell Guard Cases, the following radiation protection technology lifespan applies:

MRET Lifespan: 2 Years
ERT Lifespan: Does not expire

Additional Features:

  • Impact-resistant layers: All GIA Cell Guard Cases are constructed from high-grade TPU and PC, a soft inside layer cushions your phone in the event of it being dropped, while the hard outer layer encases the device to shield it from impact
  • Engineered to emphasize thinness without compromising phone security: GIA Cell Guard Cases cover all corners of your phone and include raised edges to help protect screen from scratching
  • Military Standard Drop Test Certified
  • Precise cutouts give you full access to ports, and sensitive button covers allow responsive presses
  • Convenient and affordable

Consumer Survey Results*

8 out of 10

... people say that when using the GIA Cell Guard technology, they feel much more protected against the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

9 out of 10

... people say that they would definitely recommend the GIA Cell Guard technology to other people
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply the Cell Guard Case?

Insert the top of your phone into the GIA Cell Guard Case, while carefully aligning buttons and controls. With the top of your phone aligned, press the bottom of your phone firmly into the Cell Guard Case.

Can I move my Cell Guard Case from one cell phone to another?

GIA does NOT recommend moving a Cell Guard Case from one phone to another - unless the new phone is the exact same make and model of the original phone. Different phones emit and receive different frequency ranges, requiring their own Cell Guard Case.

What is the lifespan of my Cell Guard Case?

The patented polymer incorporated in the Cell Guard Case has a lifespan of two years, after which it should be replaced with a new Cell Guard Case.

Will the Cell Guard Case affect the signal strength of my phone?

The Cell Guard Case has been designed to neutralize the effects of your exposure to EMR, while leaving the signal strength and clarity of your cell phone unaffected.

Is the Cell Guard Case water and heat resistant?

Generally speaking, Cell Guard Cases are water and heat resistant. However, it's safe to say that if your Cell Guard Case is submerged in water for an extended period of time or catches fire, you'll need to replace it.

What's the difference between the Cell Guard Case and the GIA Cell Guard Classic or Sliver?

Besides the differences in size and shape between the three Cell Guard varieties, the amount of patented polymer used in the GIA Cell Guard Case is different than in the Cell Guard Classic and/or Sliver. Also, the Cell Guard Case is designed to cover the entire (rear and side) surface area of your phone.

If I use the GIA Hands-Free Airtube Headset, do I still need to put a Cell Guard Case on my phone?

Yes, we still recommend you use the Cell Guard Case on your Cell Phone. The best way to address EMR emitted from your Cell Phone while experiencing hands-free convenience is to use the Cell Guard Case and the GIA Hands-Free Headset together.

What People Are Saying

"For the last 10 years I have used a Cell Phone between 30 and 60 hours per week for business. During the last several years I've noticed an increase in tension in my neck and shoulder area. I also suffered with a nagging discomfort in my right ear whenever I used my phone. Once I discovered the GIA Cell Guard technology those problems disappeared." *

J.W., Henderson, NV

"When I was introduced to the GIA Cell Guard, I was skeptical regarding its validity. However, after putting the Cell Guard on my Cell Phone, I no longer get a hot ear after continued Cell Phone use and I feel less stressed!" *

J.L., San Diego, CA

"For months, I had felt a drilling discomfort in my shoulder that neither chiropractic nor massage could ease. After just a few days of having the GIA Cell Guard on my Cell Phone I woke up one morning to discover my discomfort was gone! Completely gone! Over the next several days I noticed that I was bouncing out of bed quicker and had more energy all day long, more than I had for quite some time. Many people commented on how energetic I was. My thanks to the entire GIA Wellness team for bringing such a wonderful product and opportunity into my life!" *

P.C., New York, NY