Roots & Wings Program

Ultimately, the RAW Movement is about enhancing the self esteem of young adults, so that they may develop strong "roots" and find their "wings" to soar.

Here at GIA Wellness, the Roots and Wings Program is a crucial part of our purpose. Inspired Wellness begins with our independent Consultants, but ultimately reaches teenagers and young adults through the "RAW" Training. These transformational programs are brought to our future generation so that they may realize their potential, set goals, and achieve them. The teenage years shape who we will become as adults, building the foundation for our future. If teenagers are able to make the right choices now, those choices can help them to create a better future. Our goal is to help equip as many young adults as possible with the tools to make those right choices, and to help them to believe in themselves.

President of GIA Wellness, Lynda Cormier says, "We can never outperform our self esteem. Teenagers are very vulnerable so the stronger their sense of self is, the greater their chances are of setting goals, and reaching them. Having core values and learning basic leadership skills at a young age fosters personal responsibility, as well as respect for self and others. We can transform the world by empowering teenagers to see their true potential and help them to aspire to be their best."

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Roots & Wings

A window into the heart of GIA Wellness - the RAW Movement Program.

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Fish For Life Event

GIA's support in bringing joy to disabled children at the Fish For Life charity event in Dana Point.

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Roots & Wings Montana

Enjoy this inspiring recap of GIA's "Roots & Wings" Event for teenagers in Montana!