Breakthrough Training

The GIA Wellness Breakthrough Training is a transformational event/seminar/experience that has enhanced the lives of thousands of people around the world. Encompassed by the principles of Vision, Belief, Personal Responsibility, Team and Desire, every person walks away with a greater sense of possibility and belief in themselves.

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Breakthrough Principles Overview

Breakthrough limiting beliefs and live the life you've always wanted. So often in life, we are the ones who place limitations on ourselves. Watch as President of GIA Wellness, Lynda Cormier speaks about the 6 core principles that will help you live to your fullest potential!

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It can be difficult to describe the effect of the Breakthrough Program - the cornerstone of GIA Wellness leadership and personal growth program - because the impact can be so profound. Every person comes to the Breakthrough event with unique life experiences, and yet EVERY person leaves the event with a greater sense of self, of individual potential, and the support and power of a team. The Breakthrough Training is a testament to the dedication and vision held by the GIA Wellness Management Team, for creating a legacy that includes bringing out the best in people.

Breakthrough Training Offers:

  • A clear VISION PLAN to put into action as a new and powerful way to expand each person's personal leadership
  • An exciting new level of POSSIBILITY BELIEFS you can use immediately to strengthen relationships, break through fears, and improve performance
  • A truly extraordinary PASSION for TEAM!! GIA President, Lynda Cormier's events are the most highly-rated TEAM-BUILDING seminars in the country
  • New understanding of how to COLLABORATE effectively - the key to synergy and fighting burnout
  • Fresh clarity about how to build more BALANCE into life
  • More enthusiasm and energy than ever before
  • A powerful dedication to the power of appreciation, recognition and acknowledgment
  • A foundational commitment to breaking through sub-grouping and separating within teams. The organization will view themselves differently, as a CONNECTED and SUPPORTIVE RELAY TEAM!
  • Wonderful new connections with teammates through the exercises and activities
  • Joy!!!